The Rest Area of Shame.

On my way home from my mini vacation yesterday I had to pass by what I have known as “The Rest Area of Shame” for the past three years. Each time I pass it, there is a feeling of shame, regret, or embarrassment, sometimes all three. Sometimes it really doesn’t bother me at all.

Three years ago today, I attempted to end my life and then ended up at “The Rest Area of Shame”. After walking to the pond at the rest area, I sat there for awhile before something must have changed my mind. I don’t remember at all what I was thinking and I don’t know what made me change my mind, but I called a friend and they drove like crazy people to come get me.

Back to yesterday. As I neared the rest area, I felt like I was supposed to stop. I was a little bit freaked out, just because of the feelings I had had towards this rest area. After making sure it wasn’t a crazy idea, I decided to stop. As I was pulling into the rest area, the song “30,000 feet” by Ben Rector came on…only one line was needed to give me goosebumps.

“Looking down from 30,000 feet, life’s been good to me.”

It had been almost 3 years…30,000 feet. Looking back, life’s been good to me.

I walked out to the pond. I stood there and thanked God for rescuing me that day. I thanked God for the perspective I have now. I let it go.

“The Rest Area of Shame” is now known as “The Rest Area of Thankfulness”.

-Sarah (:

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